PSP ALPOLIC®/fr surface coatings are finished with a high performance Lumiflon-based fluoropolymer coating (FEVE) as standard.

The reverse side is coated with a polyester-basedwash coating or surface coating to protect it from any potential corrosionissues.

This coating system has many benefits over traditional PVDF coatings such as durability, wider range of gloss levels and effects like sparking, metallic and prismatic.

Read about ALPOLIC's commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by downloading our ALPOLIC Sustainability Statement

Features & Benefits

  • Fire-retardant mineral filled core (Passes NFPA285 and ISO9705 Group 1)
  • Coated with LUMIFLON™ - based FEVE uoropolymer paint with a 20 year warranty*
  • Available with a gloss level of 15% to 80%
  • Triple coat finish, the third layer is a protective clear coat
  • 15 year delamination warranty*
  • Withstands up to 5kpa wind loading exceeding NZS4284 (4mm sheet)
  • A range of stocked colours with over 200 colours available on indent
  • A2 High fire-retardant core option available on indent


  • Commercial, high-rise & curtain-wall cladding
  • Domestic cladding
  • Fascia
  • Fire-rated wall linings
  • Fire-rated ceilings
  • Feature walls
  • Corporate signage
  • Petrol station & train station canopies

New Zealand Made

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Over 200 available

Note: Colour swatches are a guideline only. Physical samples can be provided upon request.