PLEXIGLAS® 30 Year Guarantee

Evonik Röhm GmbH, manufacturer of the world‘s probably best-known brand of acrylic − PLEXIGLAS® − is substantially extending its guarantees.

The new PLEXIGLAS® 30-Year Guarantee applies to all CLEAR-TRANSPARENT 
PLEXIGLAS® solid sheets, multi-skin sheets, corrugated sheets, blocks, tubes and rods, which guarantees will show no yellowing and will retain a high level of light transmission for 30 years.

PLEXIGLAS® 10-Year Guarantee guarantees the colour stability of COLOUR and TINT PLEXIGLAS® solid sheets, multi-skin sheets, corrugated sheets, blocks, tubes and rods for 10 years.


The company that invented acrylic is extending its guarantee based on more than 70 years of experience with PLEXIGLAS® products, including long-term outdoor exposure, constant further development of products and the latest investigations and tests by independent institutes.

These tests, carried out by the Materials Testing Institute in Darmstadt, among others, have shown that the homogenous and inherently UV-resistant material PLEXIGLAS® retains its excellent clarity even after 30 years of outdoor exposure. In parallel tests, all other plastics, including those with a special UV-protective layer, showed varying degrees of yellowing and dullness. This tendency to become brown and unsightly is often accompanied by a loss of material strength, which may lead to breakage of the glazing and complete loss of its protective effect.


PLEXIGLAS® guarantees the following properties for 30 years:

No Yellowing

nuvs.jpgMany plastics yellow visibly in the course of time. PLEXIGLAS® does not. Even after 30 years, the absolute yellowness indices are among the lowest possible for plastics at the present time.

The reason why PLEXIGLAS® shows no yellowing is the Naturally UV-Stable technology that protects the material through and through and makes it highly UV-resistant. The special Naturally UV-Stable technology stabilizes PLEXIGLAS® completely from within. The means the entire sheet is UV-Stable, not just a thin surface layer. It ensures PLEXIGLAS® will show no yellowing after 30 years, even under unfavorable conditions. Download PLEXIGLAS® 30-Year Guarantee

Highest Light Transmission

Many plastics lose a considerable portion of their light transmission during use. Sheets may become darker. PLEXIGLAS® does not. PLEXIGLAS® largely retains its legendary light transmission under any climate conditions.

Long-term studies have shown that PLEXIGLAS® still lets up to 90% of incident light through glazing even after 30 years of outdoor exposure, depending on the product grade and region. This is one of the best transmission levels offered by any plastic. Other plastics such as polycarbonate (PC), polystyrene (PS) or PVC, whose light transmission may diminish significantly after long-term weathering, are often unable to compete with PLEXIGLAS® in this respect. PLEXIGLAS® transmits much more light than glass. Download PLEXIGLAS® 30-Year Guarantee

Hardly Any Smoke

PLEXIGLAS® is guaranteed will retain its fire safety even after 30 years of weathering. Upon combustion, many plastics produce thick smoke and/or toxic gases that may be very dangerous to human health. PLEXIGLAS® does not. PLEXIGLAS® in Clear grade and in standard colours burns almost without smoke and forms no toxic or corrosive gases. Download PLEXIGLAS® 'The Non-Smoker'


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