The Three Baskets of Knowledge

Client: David Trubridge

Location: Milan Design Week

Product: PSP PETG & Palsun Flat Polycarbonate

This project was a self made brief to create an object, light or space to be shown at the Milan Design Week. The Three Baskets of Knowledge are the realisation of that brief. There is a Maori creation myth in which the gods gave to humans three baskets containing the knowledge they needed to live on Earth. They hold the knowledge of the natural world (bamboo basket), spiritual world (polycarbonate basket) and our rational world (aluminium basket). The knowledge needs to be in balance for us to live harmoniously on Earth. The design of the basket required a light, calm, delicate but strong material. It needed the strength of the polycarbonate for the main form of the basket, but also required more flexibility in the covering shroud. For this Lustro PETG was specified, to which they were able to apply the same hand sanded finish. An energy efficient and long lasting LED spot light shone brightly down the inner form of the light to leave a definite 'spiritual' pattern on the floor below. Each of the baskets are 2100mm in height x 850mm in diameter.


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