Client: Telecom, Gascoigne Associates Shop Fitters, Ashfield Plastics & Signscraftsman

Location: Victoria Street West, Auckland

Product: PSP Opal & Clear Acrylic & ACM

Telecom’s new concept store in Victoria Street is a new approach to telecommunications retailing, humanising technology and placing the customer at the centre. The PSP General Purpose Opal Acrylic provided an amazing radiant glow that draws customers to the counters like moths to a light. The top part is on draw runners and allows the IT staff to access the high security units the phones are displayed on. The same concept was used for the illuminated ‘halo’ suspended above the sales counter as a continuation of the ‘white language’ it acts as an anchor in the space. 6mm thick PSP General Purpose Opal Acrylic was used once more for its lightweight and superb transmission of light. The one-meter high ‘SHOP’ illuminated sign sits in the window attracting attention from the busy street below. The letters were constructed from PSP General Purpose Opal Acrylic, which proved ideal in creating a strong illumination using LEDs. The overall results supported in large by PSP products ACM and Opal Acrylic created an attractive backdrop for the Telecom products, resulting in an exciting space for customers and staff.


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