ClearVue - Acrylic Fencing

Long lasting good looks.

For the first time in New Zealand, PSP can offer a high quality fencing solution that is a true alternative to glass panelled fencing.

Made of high grade acrylic, PSP ClearVue Acrylic Fencing is a high quality, unobtrusive solution to pool fencing. Consisting of long lasting quality acrylic panels and quality powder coated aluminium poles, ClearVue is a stylish, easily installed fencing system with full New Zealand Standards approval for pools and deck environments.

Its 15 year full replacement guarantee is the promise that ClearVue panels will keep their clear, quality good looks, regardless of conditions.

PSP ClearVue Acrylic Fencing is BRANZ appraised and meets NZS 8500:2006 standards for pool fencing in New Zealand.

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  • 15 Year Full Replacement

ClearVue Acrylic Fencing comes with a performance or replacement guarantee for the first 15 years. And the limited lifetime warranty guarantees a loss of light transmission of no more than 8% in the first 10 years and no more than 1% for every year after. 

  • ClearVue Panels

PSP Guarantee that ClearVue Acrylic Panels will not discolour or yellow and retain a high level of light transmission for 15 years.

  • ClearVue Aluminium Profiles

PSP offer a 10 year powder coat warranty covering colour adhesion and colour integrity. The aluminium posts are covered by a 15 year structural integrity warranty.



  • BRANZ appraised 
  • Ideal for swimming pools
  • 15 year full replacement 
  • Excellent clarity & UV performance
  • Impact resistant
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Easy to install
  • Pool fencing
  • Porch fencing
  • Veranda fencing
  • Windbreaks
  • Low level balustrade

Product range

  • Panel Size:
    1105mm(h) x 977mm(w) x 8.0mm
  • Colours: Clear

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